Exterior Paint Products

Australia’s harsh climate calls for quality exterior paints that are resistant to not only extensive sunshine, but also wet, humid conditions. Here at Quickwall, we’ve formulated a number of paint products in the north Australian climate – ensuring they’re capable of handling the country’s most demanding conditions.

There are many exterior paints out there on the market, but most aren’t designed to last in the tropics. Inferior quality paints will eventually succumb to the elements, leaving porous surfaces exposed to UV damage, dampness and staining.

Whether you are looking for a product that is designed to complement our cement and acrylic render, or are planning to revitalise weathered paintwork on walls, columns or beams, we have an exterior paint to suit the job at hand. Available in a wide range of textures and colours, our products are not merely about longevity – they look great as well!


Quickwall Aquaseal is our 100% acrylic membrane paint that we recommend as your finish coat on all exterior jobs. Aquaseal is a tough, high performance elastomeric paint that has an um film thickness substantially higher than most other exterior paints.

Aquaseal combines long-term durability with excellent dirt rejection properties and retains flexibility. If you’ve had trouble with rust patches on your cement or acrylic render, this product could be the answer you’re looking for. Rust patches can occur for a number of reasons; the sand used in the render may contain deposits of iron oxide or iron sulphide, or rust may enter the render sand due to poorly maintained machinery used in the grading process. When correctly applied, membrane paint such as Aquaseal will seal off the rendered surface from the elements, ensuring visible rust patches are unable to develop.

Applied by roller or spray technique, Aquaseal dries to a satin film finish that will last for many years to come.


  • Good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates.
  • Excellent UV.
  • Biocide resistance against fungi and mould.
  • Abrasion resistance for harsh tropical environments.
  • Suitable for decoration and protection of exterior walls, balustrades, columnsand beams, wall fences, laundries.

This product is the perfect way to seal and protect your cement or acrylic render, whilst also adding the desired colour and texture. Our render can be painted as soon as it’s dry – usually within 48 hours – and the sooner you’re able to apply Aquaseal, the better. If you want to know more about our acrylic render or cement render, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

Stipple Tex

This quality product is best known for its crows foot stipple effect, and is generally used to beautify ceilings. It has the ability to hide off form concrete ceiling imperfections or joint lines and general impaired patches. Stipple Tex dries to a smooth, rounded random stipple. Simply apply with a course yellow roller sleeve, or finish with a crows foot stipple brush.


Otherwise known as Roll Tex, Quickroll is a seamless roller or spray-applied wall finish with texture ranging from flat orange peel to medium and thick high builds. Quickroll provides longevity and excellent fungi, bacteria and algae protection, making it ideally suited to tropical climates. Excellent UV resistance helps to prevent fading, while elastomeric qualities work to bridge fine cracks and ensure a smooth, seamless finish.

Tuscany Render Paint

Tuscany Render Paint is a fine roller or brush applied acrylic texture paint. This product is available in fine, medium and course grades and can be tinted to various colours. With so many texture and tint options available, it’s easy to find a colour that suits your requirements.

Quality Outdoor Paints that Last

If you’re searching for a high quality exterior paint that has been formulated to withstand the toughest conditions, look no further than the products on offer at Quickwall. Say goodbye to rust patches, mould and fungi, dirt and colour fade; Quickwall paints are made to last. We’re able to tint to an ambience colour range, with a choice of over 900 colours – meaning you’re sure to find a tint that suits the job at hand.

Quickwall tints to an ambience colour range, with a choice of over 900 colours.

For more information regarding our quality outdoor paints, please contact the team today on 1800 775 573.

Painting – FAQs

I have a house rendered with a Mineral Render/Acrylic Textured finish but it is showing rust stains or spots. How can I fix it?
A: When rust stains appear on plastered or textured exterior walls it could be one of two reasons:

The sand mined by the sand mining companies may contain natural particle deposits of iron sulphide, iron oxide, or coffee rock. Where sand is dried and supplied by sand mining companies, rust could result from antiquated, or poorly maintained machinery used to dry and grade sand. These particles may be imbedded in the sand or on the surface.

Rust stains will occur if the walls are not adequately sealed against the elements. This is the result when the specifier does not follow Quickwall’s recommended specifications or LOW GRADE paint is used to seal the selected finish. A list of all Specification Sheets can be found here.

What to do if you have rust stains:

Step 1: Remove the particle.
Step 2: Seal stained area with Water Repellent Emulsion.
Step 3: Paint the exterior with a premium grade membrane paint such as Quickwall Aquaseal Membrane paint – refer to Aquaseal Specification Sheet for equivalent. Where cheap paints are used with low solids/film build coverage, rust staining will inevitably occur.

How long can you leave Quickwall rendered walls unpainted?
A: Cement is porous and will absorb moisture if left unsealed. Quickwall cement can be painted when dry, usually in 48 hours. We recommend painting as soon as possible to reduce the chance of wet weather affecting the coating.

Quickwall specifications require the rendered surface to have a 3rd and 4th coat with Quickwall Aquaseal Membrane paint – refer to Aquaseal Specification Sheet.

Is it necessary to remove all paint from existing masonry surfaces prior to application?
Removal of paint is not necessary if the paint is sound, however we recommend the walls be hosed down with a high pressure 3000 PSI minimum water blaster to test the integrity.
Can you add any brand of colour tints to Aquaseal?
No, Quickwalls formulations may not be suited to tints used by other manufacturers.
Before applying Aquaseal paint over cement render do I need to prime it first?
No, Aquaseal paint can be applied directly to the new cement finish. The paint usage will vary as the 1st coat will soak up more Aquaseal than the 2nd coat. To work out quantities we allow 50m2 x 2 coats for every 20ltr pail of Aquaseal.



4L, 10L, 20L pails
& 200L drums

Cool Roof:

4L, 10L, 20L pails
& 200L drums

Stipple Tex:

4L, 10L, 20L pails
& 200L drums


4L, 10L, 20L pails
& 200L drums

Tuscany Render Paint:

4L, 10L, 20L pails
& 200L drums

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