Waterproofing Membrane

In the wet tropics, water is an issue that needs to be considered when building or renovating. Over the summer months, high humidity and excessive rainfall can lead to issues with rising damp and general water damage, as well as mould and fungi growth.

Over time, poorly-waterproofed surfaces can become unsightly and also lead to structural issues. With this being the case, it becomes apparent why using a good quality waterproofing product is so important – not only in the wet tropics, but across much of Australia.

Quickwall’s waterproofing membranes and matting are the best way to prevent these issues and ensure the longevity of a range of surfaces – as well as the building in general. Whether you need to waterproof recently installed retaining walls, a basement, masonry surfaces, a shower recess or any other area prone to dampness, we have you covered. Our products are also suited to outdoor landscaping requirements, as QW 100 is able to be used to effectively waterproof ponds and water features.

While our waterproofing products have been designed in a tropical climate, they are suited for use Australia-wide. Whether you’re on the coast, live in a high rainfall area or deal with seasonal downpours, you can count on our products to perform.

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Waterproofing Products for all Industries

Quickwall’s range of waterproofing membranes and matting is suited to a number of different purposes. Whether you’re an architect or designer in search of quality waterproofing products for a domestic or commercial project, or a DIY home renovator looking for a quality waterproofing solution, our products are the ideal choice.

You can read about our products and their uses in detail below.

QW 100 – Non-Volatile Liquid Waterproofing Membrane


QW 100 is a cost effective, reliable, user-friendly, non-volatile liquid waterproofing membrane designed for use with Quick Waterproofing Fabric to form a seamless monolithic protective barrier against water migration into concrete, timber and masonry surfaces. It is ideally suited to below-ground sealing and waterproofing.

QW 100 is recommended for waterproofing:

  • retaining walls
  • basements
  • planter boxes
  • shower recesses
  • ponds

QW 200


QW 200 Waterproofing is a carboxylated copolymer solution, which dries to form a tough, flexible film with excellent water resistance. This particular product is specifically formulated to suit above-ground applications.

QW 200 is recommended for sealing:

  • masonry surfaces prior to painting, or
  • areas prone to dampness


Quick Fabric – Waterproof Matting

This waterproofing matting can to be used in conjunction with our QW 100 waterproofing liquid membrane.

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We’ll Help You Beat the Wet

Formulated to withstand northern Australia’s harsh tropical climate, our products have been tested extensively over the past 25 years. We know they work and so do our valued customers. Our clients come back time and time again for a reason; they know our products will go the distance and ensure the integrity of their work for many years to come. There may be cheaper products out there on the market, but there are few that will last as long as QW 100, QW 200, Triple K and Quick Fabric. Why risk undoing all your hard work by using an inferior sealant that will end up leaking? At the end of the day, quality waterproofing products will stand the test of time and are therefore far better value.

Catering to commercial builders, designers and architects, we offer our products in a range of sizes – including 200 litre drums for those who require a large volume of sealant. However, we also strive to ensure we’re accessible to DIY home renovators, and therefore offer 4 litre pails that are perfect for smaller backyard jobs.

At Quickwall, we’re always happy to provide advice and assistance wherever possible. For more information regarding our waterproofing products, including waterproofing membranes and matting, please contact the team today on 1800 775 573. 


Waterproofing – FAQ

Which product is suitable for waterproofing a below ground retaining wall for a habitable room?
Q.W. 100 Waterproofing is the recommended product for this situation.


Q.W. 100:

10L, 20L pails

& 200L drums

Q.W. 200:

10L, 20L pails

& 200L drums


10L, 20L pails

& 200L drums

Quick Fabric:

Available to buy per metre


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